Basics of Commercial Interior Design

By | August 9, 2019

Commercial interior design refers to conceptualization and planning process for an aesthetic approach and functional layout of a commercial space. This space can be an office, a restaurant, or a store. According to Austen of Southwest Appliance Repair, both commercial and residential interior design involves envisioning of the effect of stylistic elements in the feel and look of a space. However, commercial design puts more emphasis on a room’s function. Here are the basics of a commercial interior design that a designer should have in mind when designing a commercial space. 

Commercial Function and Flow 

What’s the purpose of the interior space? The interior design of any business should consider the function of the space being designed. For instance, when designing a restaurant, the designer should ensure that servers move from the kitchen to the tables with ease. For a retail establishment, the design should enable customers to efficiently move from where they shop to where they pay. Ideally, interior design should consider the purpose of a space in order to maximize profits. 

Structural Details 

Interior designers should work with contractors and architects to make sure that design needs correspond with the structural plan during renovation or construction. Details of a commercial design that require collaboration include door and window placement, lighting and floor plan. To get better results, work with a commercial builder that is also a designer. 

Commercial Decoration and Design 

Commercial interior designers pay keen attention to the styles and themes they choose for any business space. If you have a decoration and design vision in mind, the designer can execute your vision in an engaging and consistent manner. 

Commercial interior design requires skills, experience, and the right tools. You also need to keep up with the latest trends to easily understand the needs of your clients. To achieve excellent results from your commercial interior design project, work with a reputable designer and builder.