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Basics of Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design refers to conceptualization and planning process for an aesthetic approach and functional layout of a commercial space. This space can be an office, a restaurant, or a store. According to Austen of Southwest Appliance Repair, both commercial and residential interior design involves envisioning of the effect of stylistic elements in the feel… Read More »

Who Should Handle Cost Estimation in a Construction Project?

Anybody that has worked in a construction company has probably seen that the selling process is mostly detached from the actual estimation process. However, this is basically a costly mistake. The person that does the selling should be involved in the cost estimation process.  Here are the reasons:  Efforts duplication- When selling and estimation are… Read More »

Prefabrication in the Construction Industry

Many contractors are now assembling buildings in warehouses or factories and transporting them to jobsites. This is what prefabrication means. The practice is also called modular construction and it’s a trend that is reshaping the construction industry. Essentially, prefabrication is streamlining construction projects. The Basics of Prefabrication Prefabrication enables a construction company to assemble components… Read More »

Disadvantages of Construction Loans

Disadvantages of Construction Loans Construction loans have their advantages and disadvantages. These loans are interest-only loans. That means you won’t pay the loan in full until you complete your new construction. What’s more, their terms are flexible and their added scrutiny gives the construction project a structure. But, like anything else that has advantages, construction… Read More »